Call Us for Sump Pump Services by a Trusted Plumbing Contractor

A sump pump is an essential part of your house that helps keep rain and groundwater from getting into your basement. A sump pump pit collects water from underneath or around your house, which is subsequently pumped out of your house and away from the foundation. A sump pump requires routine maintenance to maintain it in a good condition just like any other system or equipment you could have in your house. You can anticipate that your basement sump pump can go into action once the snow melts or the rain begins to fall, even if it may be idle for the majority of the year. At Heaney Plumbing & Heating - Warren our plumbing contractor makes sure any household located in Warren, MI has proper maintenance or service.

How often should you give maintenance?

Our experts recommend at the very least inspecting and maintaining your sump pump once a year. However, attempt to ensure that the sump pump is operational multiple times during the year since it is important to a functional home. Additionally, some sump pumps require cleaning every month.

Why hire a plumbing contractor?

When you attempt to DIY a sump pump installation rather than just calling a plumber, you’ll probably wind up spending a lot more money. Likewise, you’ll probably end up wasting money by unintentionally breaking the pump. On the other hand, it’s challenging to install a sump pump. To connect it correctly, certain tools are needed. A jackhammer is often one such tool, which if handled carelessly, can often cause a serious injury if used without experience.

Additionally, sump pumps at the absolute least need annual maintenance. But depending on how it’s utilized, it can require extra care. Be careful; before checking up on it make sure to turn off the sump pump’s power source first. Our trained plumbing contractor will provide you with any sump pump service you need, guaranteeing a great service that will make you feel relaxed and safe.

Your home could require a sump pump if it routinely floods. Our professionals at Heaney Plumbing & Heating - Warren can assist with pump selection and installation. Call us now at (586) 232-9184 to arrange for the installation of your sump pump if you’re located in Warren, MI or any of the surrounding areas.