Not Sure What the Difference Is between Plumbers and Pipefitters?

What Is the Difference between a Plumber and Pipefitter?

The difference between a plumber and a pipefitter is skill and scale. Even though both work with pipes made from different materials, plumbers work on residential or industrial piping systems, ranging from water, heating and cooling and waste disposal. Pipefitters, which are also known as steamfitters, work mainly in the commercial, industrial or even military sectors.

Skills needed are much broader and demanding more than from plumbers. A journeyman plumber is trained to read blueprints and to work with materials like copper, PVC, and galvanized piping, and to create the connections to these pipes, using things such as glue, threads, and solder. In addition to this, they also install fixtures like faucets, toilets, sinks and taps to name but a few.

A journeyman pipefitter will have the same skills and work with the same materials in the course of their work; however, they will also work with special alloys and metals which are capable of withstanding extreme pressure. Pipefitting materials like high carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys are used when working with hazardous materials like steam. Connecting pipes that need to withstand high pressure will need a high degree of experience in welding.

Various jobs in pipefitting are available in industries like oil drilling and refining, merchant marine, and also in manufacturing. Within the petroleum business, a pipefitter will build systems in order to carry crude oil across long distances.

Manufacturing also has a call for plumbers and pipefitters. The plumbers will install and maintain all the water systems, such as drinking water, washing and waste disposal, in addition to any sprinklers used for fire control. Pipefitters, however, will be responsible for installing and maintaining any high pressure pipe and valve systems which carry various materials, this can range from solvents, live steam, food processing ingredients to paint.

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