3 Common Air Conditioning Problems

When Will You Need AC Repairs?

How do you know it is time to call a specialist to provide you with some AC repairs? There are different things that can go wrong with your air conditioner. Below are listed the three most common problems your AC system can develop.

  • Insufficient cooling – When your AC system is not cooling enough, there probably is some issue with it. Sometimes, this can be due to low refrigerant. Other possible reasons are a broken fan motor, leaking compressor, or a faulty thermostat,
  • AC noises – Keep an ear out for any unusual or new sounds that your AC system makes. These may indicate that some repairs are needed. Squealing, for example, commonly means that the fan belt is worn out and will have to be replaced. A grinding sound is a sign that the fan motor bearings are malfunctioning. The hissing sound usually means there is a refrigerant leak in the compressor or the reversing valve. Low refrigerant levels are also indicated by gurgling.
  • The air filter. Inside your house is located the heat pump of your AC system. In the pump, there is an air filter which keeps debris and dirt from entering the moving part of your system. If you forget to change the filter on a regular basis, it will very possibly result in significant problems for your air conditioning system.

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